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Patch the systems replacing uxtheme.dll to enable use of themes with non MS-signed visual styles
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18 December 2006

Editor's review

Skinny 2 system application is used to patch the system to give it a more customized look. It is achieved through a process which replaces the original uxtheme.dll component with a custom one allowing the system to use the non MS-signed themes. Installing the program on your system, you would be able to select different high quality themes. You need not worry as the system would be able to use the MS-signed themes through custom uxtheme.dll. The program is easy to use because of the wizard style interface. The interface of the program is user-friendly hence it can be operated by all.

Skinny 2 is an easy to use application that takes you through the step by step process for patching the system. To start the process, launch the program and the welcome screen displays the information about the application. Along with other details it also indicates the users to download an appropriate version of the patched uxtheme.dll for the system. Click on ‘Next’ for the second step of the process, where you need to browse and select uxtheme.dll for patching the system. You’re also provided with three option panels, where ‘Patch’ panel provides you with the information and hints for patching the system and the ‘Restore’ panel provides details to restore original uxtheme.dll or the previous custom.dll. If you want to undone any changes then you can select the third ‘Options’ feature. When you have made the required selection, you just need to click on ‘Patch’ button to apply it to the system. You can set the parameters with the ‘Options’ panel. When you click on ‘Patch’, the program start the patching process, and the users are shown two console popup, and then the progress bar appears. When the process is completed the program shows the reboot options. You can select not to reboot or the program automatically reboots the system within the specified time.

Skinny 2 is an easy to use program for patching your system and applying themes other than MS-signed ones. For the simple wizard style interface and the smooth patching process, it has been rated with 3 points.

Publisher's description

Skinny is a program meant to help the user in patching the system, replacing the original component, uxtheme.dll, with a custom one that allows the system to use non MS-signed themes.
The user, after the patch, will be free to choose between hundreds of high quality themes available for download (mainly for free) from many internet sources, rather than from the scarce pool of choice of MS-signed themes, but of course the system will still be able to use MS-signed themes via the custom uxtheme.dll.
Due to the unclear license status of the patched uxtheme.dll versions available online, generally distributed as free for personal use, the dll itself is not included in the program and it must be downloaded separately by the user from one of the many sources available on the net.
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